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Interswop can sponsor J-1 Trainees and Interns in the following categories:

Arts and culture
Hospitality and tourism
Public administration and law
Information media and communications
Management, business,
commerce and finance
The Sciences, engineering, architecture, mathematics and industrial occupations
Arts and culture
Hospitality and tourism
Construction and building trades *
Public administration and law
Information media and communications
Management, business, commerce and finance
The Sciences, engineering, architecture, mathematics and industrial occupations


Arts and Culture:
Design and Applied Arts, Cinematography and Film/Video Production, Commercial Photography, Commercial and Advertising Art, Arts Management, Design and Visual Communications, Drama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts, General, Fashion/Apparel Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Music Management and Merchandising, Playwriting and Screenwriting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Theatre/Theatre Arts Management, Visual and Performing Arts, Etc.

Hospitality and Tourism:
Hospitality Administration/Management, Hospitality and Recreation Marketing Operations, Hotel/Motel Administration/Management, Tourism Promotion Operations, Tourism and Travel Services Management, Tourism and Travel Services Marketing Operations, etc.

Public Administration and Law:
Public Relations, Public Policy, Business & Labor Law, Criminal Law, Civil Liberties, Human Rights Law, International Law, Environmental Law, etc.

Information Media and Communications:
Advertising, Broadcast Journalism, Communications, Technologies/ Technicians and Support Services, Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia Programming, Mass Communications, Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communication, Television/Radio/Print Journalism, Printing & Publishing, etc.

Management, Business, Commerce and Finance:
Accounting, Banking and Financial Support Services, Business Administration, Management/ Operations, Business, Marketing, Customer Service Management, E-Commerce/Electronic Commerce, Finance and Financial Management Services, Human Resources Management, International Business/ Trade/Commerce, Logistics and Materials Management, Information Systems, Operations, Sales, Distribution, and Marketing, Transportation/Transportation Management.

The Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics and Industrial
Molecular Biology, Cell/Cellular Biology and Anatomical Sciences, Developmental Biology and Embryology, Environmental Biology, Toxicology, Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Oncology and Cancer Biology, Wildlife, Zoology/Animal Biology, Civil /Computer /Environmental Engineering, Landscape / Urban Architecture, Mathematical Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Relations, Computer Engineering Technologies, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technologies, Robotics, Physical Sciences, Chemical Technologies, etc.

Construction and Building Trades: * (TRAINEES ONLY)
Building/Construction Finishing, Management, and Inspection, Building/Construction Site Management/Manager, Building/Property Maintenance and Management, Construction Trades (Other), etc.


As of July 19th 2007, new rules affect trainees an interns participating in Hospitality based training programs. If you intend to apply in the fields of hospitality and tourism please contact Interswop for further information on how to meet these new regulations. Please also note that the maximum duration of hospitality based training and internships programs may not exceed 12 months.


* PLEASE NOTE that it is prohibited to use the J-1 Program for training in Unskilled Occupations. For the purpose of [22 CFR 62.22(c)(1)], the following are considered to be "Unskilled Occupations" by the U.S. Department of State.

Unskilled Occupations: Bartenders, Bookkeepers, Cashiers, Cleaners, Hotel and Motel Cleaners, Hotel and Motel Clerks, General Clerk, Typist, Cooks Short Order, Dining Room Attendants, Groundskeepers, Floor-workers, Helpers in any Industry, Housekeepers, Janitors, Kitchen Workers, Laborers, Common Porters, Receptionists. Interswop may consider an application only if less than 20% of the training/internship activities involve clerical work and/or are in the unskilled occupations listed in Appendix F of the Exchange Visitor Program Regulations (22 CFR 62).


Interswop DOES NOT currently sponsor J-1 Trainees in the following Subject Fields:
  • Education, Teaching, Social Sciences, Library Science, Counseling, and Social Services
  • Health-Related Occupations
  • Aviation
  • Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing