Your Host Company

Time and effort for the US host company

What has the host company to perform and to accomplish?
First of all the US host company should want to take the foreigner as an intern or trainee and should also be able to provide such internship or training. The prospective intern or trainee needs an acceptance or promise from a suitable US host company.

When applying for the DS-2019 form the contact data of the host company and the responsable supervisor at the host company must be available.

Interswop´s US partner organization (visa sponsor) will contact the supervisor at the host company and will mail him/her all J1-program information. The host company must provide a Training/Internship Placement Plan (T/IPP) = DS-7002 form. The visa sponsor will assist the company and supervisor to provide this plan. It must be a structured full-time (at least 32 hrs. a week) training program. Also the supervisor will receive from the visa sponsor a host organization contract (internship contract/training contract) to sign.

If the host company not yet participated successfully at the internship/training program of the visa sponsor and has less than 25 employees or less than $3 million in annual revenues a personal site visit at the host company is required.
This site visit will be charged only the company and its costs are about US$ 200.

If your US host company is not accustomed to take foreign interns or trainees and you are afraid that your company tries to avoid the burocratic efforts and tends to withdraw the internship/training offer you should calm your supervisor at the host company and assure:

  • that you will take care about the J-1 visa

  • that a US organization (visa sponsor) is required which will contact the company and will assist them with all informations and forms, as well as with the training plan

  • that the whole visa process with last about 6 weeks and that you can travel to the USA and begin with your internship/training only after your visa has been granted