The DS-2019 Form

The Certificate of Eligibility for the J-1 Trainee Visa is the DS-2019 Form.

Without a DS-2019 form a J-1 visa cannot be granted!
Do not apply for a J-1 visa without having DS-2019 form because your visa application will be rejected or you will be told by the US embassy or consulate that you need a DS-2019 form.
When you apply for the J-1 Visa at a U.S. consulate or embassy, you must submit the original DS-2019 Form along with your other application materials. The DS-2019 Form does not guarantee that you will actually receive the J-1 Visa. It merely serves as proof that a Department of State-designated visa sponsor supports your visa application.
Each DS-2019 Form is registered through the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) of the U.S. Department of State.
The DS-2019 Form is protected by a barcode, unforgeable and cannot be transferred to another person.

Who issues the DS-2019 form?
The DS-2019 form can only be issued by one of the few officially designated visa sponsors. Sponsors help ensure that your prospective host company's training or internship program matches your education and experience and complies with U.S. Department of State regulations. Sponsors also check whether you are qualified for a training/internship on the J-1 Visa, monitor your program, and provide you with important orientation materials as well as contracts between you, your host company, and the sponsor.

Interswop co-operates with several different visa sponsors in the USA and process mainly European applications to forward, but also application from around the world. After screening and pre validation the applications will be forwarded to the most suitable US partner organization which DS-2019 quote is not exhausted yet. The DS-2019 form will be issued by this US partner organization after all paperwork is completed.

My host company could be the visa sponsor?
No. The visa sponsor only can be an officially Department of State designated organization.

Why do you not tell me beforehand who will be my visa sponsor?
Only after receiving your DS-2019 order form and corresponding your internship or training intentions in the US we can verify which sponsor will be the most suitable and which one´s quota is not exhausted yet. Your application will be processed immediately at Interswop and we will inform you mostly the same day of receiving your application which US organization will be your visa sponsor.

What does the DS-2019 form contain?
Amongst others

  • a date of expiry
  • data of the intern/trainee
  • data of the visa sponsor
  • period of validity and internship/training duration

How I will receive the DS-2019 form?
The DS-2019 form will be sent by private mail delivery service like FedEx, UPS, DHL or other to your home country and address you filled in the order form.

How long does it need to issue the DS-2019 form?
Approx. 4-6 weeks from ordering the DS-2019 form to issue the form.

Are there any ways to speed up issueing the DS-2019 form?

What can I do to avoid delays?
You can prepare the following items:

  • A resume (CV).
  • Your resume must include your full name as it appears on your passport and your permanent home country address, phone number and e-mail address.
    You should provide the name of any university you may have attended, as well as your major field of study and the dates you attended.
    If you are still at university, please provide your expected graduation date.
    If applicable, please provide your recent work history by listing each job you have held in the last 2 years in chronological order.
    Please provide a brief (1-3 sentence) summary of your primary responsibilities for each position.
    If the professional position at which you gained experience related to your proposed Training Program is not recent, please provide information on this position at the end of your recent work history.
    Each reference to your education or work history must provide complete start and end dates (day, month, year) as well as the location (city and state of country) of the university or company.

  • A letter of reference.
    The letter of reference should be written in English and should be from a previous employer, or a professor or other college-level instructor.
    This letter must bear the recommender´s signature, contact information, and date.
    The person writing the letter of reference should indicate how and when he/she knew you in a professional or academic setting, and should provide information on your academic or professional performance, as well as any comments recommending you for future opportunities.