International Insurance Package

Interswops´ partner received end of March 2009 a new category designation for INTERNS in fields of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing. In the past we have had to reject/ decline your applications in this field.

The new designation means that we may now consider internships in the following fields:

Agribusiness/Agricultural Business Operations
Agricultural Animal Breeding
Agricultural Business Technology (NEW)
Agricultural Business and Management, General
Agricultural Business and Management, Other
Agricultural Communication/Journalism (NEW)
Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Mechanics and Equipment/Machine Technology (NEW)
Agricultural Mechanization, General
Agricultural Mechanization, Other
Agricultural Power Machinery Operation
Agricultural Production Operations, General
Agricultural Production Operations, Other
Agricultural Public Services, Other (NEW)
Agricultural and Domestic Animal Services, Other
Agricultural and Extension Education Services
Agricultural and Food Products Processing
Agricultural and Horticultural Plant Breeding (NEW)
Agricultural/Farm Supplies Retailing and Wholesaling
Agriculture, Agriculture Operations, and Related Sciences, Other
Agriculture, General
Agronomy and Crop Science
Animal Health
Animal Nutrition
Animal Sciences, General
Animal Sciences, Other
Animal Training
Animal/Livestock Husbandry and Production
Applied Horticulture/Horticultural Business Services, Other
Applied Horticulture/Horticultural Operations, General
Crop Production
dairy Husbandry and Production (NEW)
Dairy Science
Dog/Pet/Animal Grooming (NEW)
Equestrian/Equine Studies
Farm/Farm and Ranch Management
Floriculture/Floristry Operations and Management (NEW)
Greenhouse Operations and Management
Horse Husbandry/Equine Science and Management (NEW)
Horticultural Science
International Agriculture
Landscaping and Groundskeeping
Livestock Management (NEW)
Ornamental Horticulture
Plant Nursery Operations and Management
Plant Protection and Integrated Pest Management
Plant Sciences, General
Plant Sciences, Other
Poultry Science
Range Science and Management
Soil Chemistry and Physics (NEW)
Soil Microbiology (NEW)
Soil Science and Agronomy, General
Soil Sciences, Other (NEW)
Taxidermy/Taxidermist (NEW)
Turf and Turfgrass Management